Robert Maynard Portfolio


Charcoal Drawings



The Gouache Studio

Charcoal still life

18 inches by 24 inches


I began this drawing on a rare sunny Seattle day and captured light coming in from the window on the right. In addition, the tall lamp projects light onto the ceiling.


The indistinct details of the apartments that are viewed through the windows illustrate atmospheric perspective. Further, the drawing features contrasting textures such as the hard desk, the soft chair, and the highly patterned tree foliage.




Waiting for Lost Luggage

Charcoal drawing with one-point linear perspective
18 inches by 24 inches

Orthogonal lines in the tile floor and in the repeating columns lead to the vanishing point on the horizon slightly beyond the far window. Atmospheric perspective is evident in the increasing loss of detail as the lines approach the vanishing point.


The shiny baggage claim carousel and the leafy Christmas tree provide contrasting textures. The dropped light fixtures illustrate reflections of light and shadow on the ceiling.


The Messenger Bag in the Family Room

Charcoal drawing from detailed sketch
18 inches by 24 inches

This drawing juxtaposes a close-up view of my Swiss Army bag with a more distant view of an architecturally interesting room. It illustrates two-point linear perspective using an interior corner.


On the right, the bookcases, floor, and ceiling form strong orthogonal lines that meet at the vanishing point on the left. The lines of the floor, door, and ceiling on the left side of the drawing lead to a second vanishing point on the right.